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Rod & Gun Resources is the premier booking agent and outfitter for the very finest in high-volume Argentina and Uruguay wingshooting.

In all of the world, there are two countries — Argentina and Uruguay — that have the greatest variety and abundance of game birds. In the Argentine provinces of La Pampa in the west and Entre Rios in the east, huge populations of doves plague farmers, and ducks of many species fill marshlands that stretch to the horizon. Great numbers of perdiz (tinamou) are also found in these places, and just across the border in neighboring Uruguay, doves, pigeons, perdiz and ducks prosper in vast numbers in areas virtually undisturbed and unpopulated.

"A 28 gauge over/under, a stylish Brittany on point literally every few minutes--upland hunting doesn't get any better than this. Then a 30-box afternoon on doves that same day. Estancia El Rincon is a game paradise." – Don Parrish, Fredericksburg, TX

Pampas bird stormPampas bird storm. (click to enlarge)May through July (winter in Argentina and Uruguay) is the season for hunting mixed bag. The latitudes are similar to central Texas, and the climates offer nice winter weather, with lows in the 30s and 40s and highs in the 60s and 70s throughout the long season. Aside from the great shooting and pleasant weather, you will find Argentine and Uruguayan hospitality to be genuine and generous. Even in remote areas, dining is terrific and - as you can see from the photos - lodge accommodations range from very nice to opulent.

On our bird hunts, we prefer small parties of four to eight guns, in order to assure the best hunting and individual personal attention for our guests, and as always, we will carefully consider seasonal variations, preferred species and budget. These programs are located in the most abundant of habitats, and have consistently proven to provide the world's highest standard in shooting, equipment, guides, lodging, food and drink, and, of course, caring and attentive personal service.

Uruguay spotted tinamou flush.Uruguay spotted tinamou flush. (click to enlarge)

In this site, you will find our recommendations for the best bird hunting in these two countries. Many years of research and countless visits to these lodges (and many others we choose not to represent) has given us the knowledge to make your trip the most productive and memorable adventure of your life.

"Santa Rosa had a great variety of ducks and the number of ducks was equally amazing. Lucinda and I had one duck hunt that would equal an entire season of hunting in Arkansas!" – Tom Kowalski, Austin, TX

Call us at 1-800-211-4753 today for details and be one of the lucky sportsmen who experiences the world's finest mixed-bag bird hunting!

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subject to change

  • El Rincon/Santa Rosa: $1290/night
  • Los Pampas: $850/night
  • El Retiro/Cerro de la Cruz: $895/night


Early May through mid-August


Buenos Aires is best reached from Miami, Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth or Houston on American Airlines, United Airlines, or Delta Airlines. For Los Pampas, guests are delivered to the lodge via private vehicle, stopping for lunch and duck shooting along the way. For Cerro de la Cruz or El Retiro, guests usually take the one hour flight from Buenos Aires to Bahia Blanca, then transfer one hour to the lodge. For Santa Rosa or El Rincon, guests are met in Buenos Aires and transferred via private vehicle three hours to the estancia.


subject to change

  • Estancia San Juan: $1190/night plus license
  • Estancia La Bellaca: $995/night
  • Carmelo Four Seasons: $350 per shooting day + license and all hotel charges


Early May through July


For Estancia San Juan, guests fly to Montevideo, are met and transferred 5 hours in a private vehicle. Charter flights are optional. For La Bellaca, guests fly to Montevideo, are met and transferred 1 hour to the lodge. For Carmelo, guests fly to Buenos Aires take the ferry across the Rio de la Plata. Upon arrival they are met and transferred 1.5 hours to the resort. Air charters are optional.


Click the links below to view our Pre-Trip Planning and Packing Information (PDF's) for each trip. Additionally, video and references are available for each trip upon request.