A 28 gauge over/under, a stylish Brittany on point literally every few minutes—upland hunting doesn’t get any better than this. Then a 30-box afternoon on doves the same day. Estancia Rincon is a gamebird paradise.

Don Parrish

Fredericksburg, tx

I have talked to my group and we all agree this trip was even better than our first one—everything you had a hand in worked perfectly. As you know, Estancia La Catalina is beautiful, serene and extremely well run. The people there are a joy to be with. The shooting was decent also—one morning Simmons shot 20 boxes in 55 minutes!
Gene White

El dorado, ks

I have hunted in Salta Province, Argentina at least 25 times. I much prefer Las Lajitas Inn over all the other lodges in the area. Las Lajitas is much closer to the hunting and fishing areas—saving hours of driving time each day. The service, food, and field lunches are outstanding, and the shooting is over the top. We plan on returning next season.

Ron Moody

Tallahassee, FL

The duck hunting at Estancia El Rincon is by far the best I have ever seen—anywhere, and the dove numbers in the afternoons are all you could ever want for high volume. The turn-of-the-century country manor is a delight and the food and wines are outstanding. All aspects are wonderfully overseen by host Kike Young.

Jim Boyd

Lexington, KY

I have rarely returned to the same lodge twice as it my goal to see and visit as many different places as possible. I will make an exception for La Bellaca. It is an ideal location particularly for couples. If high volume dove shooting is the main objective then one may prefer other venues. However, if quality shooting for perdiz, pigeon and dove is a priority this is the place. In addition to the shooting, the accommodations are first rate and Patrick Brown and his team provide excellent service. Something must also be said for the ease of travel to and in Uruguay.
JH Clement, Jr.

Dallas, TX

The duck hunting at Estancia Santa Rosa was nothing short of astonishing. On my first morning I saw more ducks come into the decoys than I have ever seen combined in my 30 years of waterfowling—not an exaggeration. I love Santa Rosa’s comfortable and cozy living areas, the uniformed staff, terrific dining and classy but relaxed atmosphere.
Steve Loerwald

Argyle, TX