Over the last two decades, Cordoba Province has become synonymous with the phrase “high-volume dove hunting.”  The region has a delightful climate that allows grain crops such as corn, wheat and peanuts to flourish most of the year.  This enormous food supply is bordered and interspersed with dense hillside roosting cover, and the combination of food source and roost has produced a population of Zenaida Auriculata estimated to be more than 20 million birds—Argentina doves that do not migrate, reproduce up to four times annually and provide literally year-round shooting.

You will feel instantly at home upon arrival at La Catalina, a lodge that combines the elegance and tradition of yesteryear with the comfort and convenience of modern living. During your stay you will feel that you are staying with friends, enjoying a wonderful mix of great Argentina hunting and relaxed country estate living.

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La Catalina - Cordoba, Argentina