Los Pampas

Long known as a land of gauchos and wide open spaces, eastern La Pampa Province has been discovered to be absolutely loaded with doves, pigeons and perdiz of two different species. River Plate Wingshooting’s program here offers a true grand slam of bird gunning. Our outfitter, Luis Brown, calls it his four feather program!

This destination is perfect for those who are primarily interested in high-volume dove and pigeon hunting, with some excellent upland gunning available for both the common perdiz (spotted tinamou), and the giant perdiz (elegant crested tinamou).

Our headquarters is the 75-year-old Los Pampas — not only a classic Argentine estancia, but with owner/hosts that are terrific chefs. Dining each day and night provides a true gastronomic celebration.

The shooting

The elegant crested tinamou is rarely found in other provinces, but it abounds in La Pampa Province’s brush country (similar to South Texas topography). Guests may opt for River Plate’s fantastic European-style driven shoot for these challenging targets, or hunt the traditional style over well-trained bird dogs. Huge fallow fields and cattle ranches a short drive away also support great numbers of the traditional spotted tinamou.

Pigeons are also plentiful in the brushy habitat favored by the giant perdiz. Expect hundreds of pigeons coming in to decoy from all directions. This is truly a great shooting experience that rivals or surpasses the pigeon shooting in England and Paraguay. Pigeon shoots and driven shoots are organized as a full day program or in combination with a half day of high-volume doves.

The dove shooting here can be enjoyed at any time of day, any month of the year. There are just a few freshwater lakes and ponds within a hundred mile radius, (most are brackish) which forces the huge number of birds to concentrate in a very small area as they come into drink. This is super-high-volume shooting comparable to Cordoba and Salta.


Hunters stay at the historic Estancia Los Pampas, the former working headquarters of a large private ranch, built in the 1940’s. The lodge has been recently thoroughly refurbished, and is configured with six large bedrooms and four baths, featuring beautiful hardwood floors and wood accents throughout.

A European-trained chef provides a marvelous array of delightful and inventive dishes, including, of course, a variety of gamebirds for the table. Many of our guests have said this is the finest hunting lodge dining experience of their lives.

The location of Los Pampas is perhaps its most important attribute—much of the hunting takes place only a short drive from the lodge.



Included are all meals, including beer, wine and cocktails, single room accommodations when possible, Argentine hunting license and domestic air transportation from Buenos Aires to Santa Rosa and return.

Not included are commercial air travel to Buenos Aires and return, charter air travel (if applicable), gun rental at $60/day or gun permits, shells at $14/box, gratuities, and miscellaneous purchases.

PRIME TIME: May through early-August


Buenos Aires is best reached from Miami, Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth or Houston on American Airlines, LATAM, Aerolineas Argentinas, United Airlines, or Delta Airlines.

Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, guests will be transferred over to the domestic airport (AEP) for a connecting flight to the town of Santa Rosa, which is about 30 minutes from Los Pampas.

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