Long known as a land of gauchos and wide open spaces, eastern La Pampa Province has been discovered to be absolutely loaded with doves, pigeons and perdiz of two different species. River Plate Wingshooting’s program here offers a true grand slam of bird gunning.  Our outfitter, Luis Brown, calls it his four feather program!

This destination is perfect for those who are primarily interested in high-volume dove and pigeon hunting, with some excellent upland gunning available for both the common perdiz (spotted tinamou), and the giant perdiz (elegant crested tinamou).

Our headquarters is the 75-year-old Los Pampas — not only a classic Argentine estancia, but with owner/hosts that are terrific chefs. Dining each day and night provides a true gastronomic celebration.

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Estancia Los Pampas - La Pampa, Argentina


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